Your security in our hands


Where did we start?

We started in Miami Florida on October 2003, as a corporation; then it became fully licenses & insured shortly after.

What experience do we have?

In 1991, the owner, Paul M. Infante, became a security officer and worked in armed and unarmed positions. Then he served 10 years in Miami Dade Police Department until 2004. After the company was born in 2003, the owner worked for a while as a Security Officer, & Security Manager for a couple of other Companies. After 2007 he has worked as Police volunteer for a couple of Police Departments, and currently he is still working for one of them. Also he is working as a Public Safety Officer for a department of the State of Florida.

What make us what you are looking for?

We are a very ethical company based on values from God. We are very honest, fair, and humble when it comes to what we offer to our clients. Credentials are also available upon request.

What make us different from the competition?

We are very family oriented in which we treat our officers like family with fairness; just like our family, not as a number. Therefore they perform and interact with clients and citizens with professionalism, lack of stress and peace of mind in which they receive from our supervisory staff. Our rates are very competitive and inexpensive, one of our reasons is that we cut expenses by having administrators do multiple administrative tasks and looking for other ways to cut costs and pass the savings to you. We match and improve any rate out there of any company that is fully licensed and insured like us.

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