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Our mission is to continue to grow showing each Security Officer in a courteous & professional demeanor. Our assets and backgrounds will be enhanced by each of our members good values, recommendations & input; as well as the CEO-Manager’s experience in the field. We have an excellent plan in place. We are also always open for suggestions, to become the best Security Company, while serving the South Florida region. The end result, is that we will give you the professional approach to security.


Our values also come from the meaning of the word Infante that is also used as a description & logo for this company, which also means a marine infant or a foot soldier. We are a paramilitary and Police oriented security company, with the human side. Therefore the logo and name are in unison with the values that we represent. Honor, integrity, commitment, professionalism and lead by example.


Our staff consists of individuals that are licensed as security officers in the state of Florida. And besides that, we check their credentials and interview them, to make sure that they have the necessary knowledge and that they are able to do any type of work required in this field.

About Us

The Company Infante Security & Protection was born in October 2003 as a corporation; then it became license & insured shortly after. And the CEO-Manager, as is mentioned here, is fully experienced in the Law enforcement or Security business since 1991.


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Quick facts

How do we work?

We do our jobs based on our security and public safety expertise and evolving around our client’s need.

How do we train our officers?

Our officers go through field training period, in which we spend time training them in different areas of safety, related to the post that they will be assigned to. We do test them while in the training process to make sure they get all the instructions verbally and writing and know the rules of the post that they are going to be training at. They also are trained on how to wear their equipment and their uniforms so they look sharp and professional.

What kind of service we offer?

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